Romina PowerAssociated Chief Executive Officer General Manager
Public Relations Officer

Romina Power: worldwide known multi-faceted artist, actress, singer, writer, and painter. Moving to Italy when she is 9 years old, she starts her cinematographic career at 13, while filming a movie she meets singer Al Bano and at 19 they decide to marry, moving to Terra di Puglia in Cellino S. Marco. She was magically fascinated by the beauty of the place, by the purity and sincerity of its people, by their disarming hospitality and their profound affection that they showed to her. In love and intrigued by this extraordinary simplicity, she dives in and merges with the traditions of these places and of the people inhabiting them, learning to appreciate the taste of the so-called peasant food because it is obtained only by the intervention of nature and the sun; including, and first and foremost, the “extra virgin olive oil”. Then, in Puglia, she becomes the owner of a state of secular olive trees, located on the slopes of a smooth hill simply fed by sun, salt and caressed by the warm winds of the Mediterranean Sea. They plunge their roots in the rock and in that red land, producing in a natural manner a fruit from which an “extra virgin olive oil” is skilfully drawn, of the highest quality and with excellent organoleptic characteristics.