Yari CarrisiAssociated Chief Executive Officer
Manager and Marketing Sales Office

Yari Carrisi: musician, composer, film director, photographer, poem writer and an important agricultural entrepreneur. He is personally and obstinately in charge of his Olive Grove estates, some located on the smooth hills at the Ionian Sea, in one of the most suggestive places of the Mediterranean and other in the hinterland of the rugged Salento. Here, where the olive trees seem to hug the land, some are marked with a serial number, others, the “patriarchs” are more poetically baptised with imaginary names. All olive trees, registered and cultiva- ted naturally in a rigorous manner, offer each season a delicious fruit from which a “unique nectar” is obtained, true result of the natural “Harmony” between colours, perfumes and tastes. Yari Carrisi concentrates sensibility, industriousness and artistic ingeniousness, inherited through his family DNA, obtaining thus, one of a kind product; result of the passion and love for his own Land.