Extra virgin olive oil from Organic Agriculture.

Appearance and Organoleptic Profile
Colour: greenish yellow
Scent: pleasant, balanced and intense with hints of intense artichoke and green herbs.
Taste: fruity green, overall harmonious and full-bodied, slightly bitter with a moderately perceptible spiciness.
Varieties used: Coratina, Ogliarola.

Physicochemical and organoleptic parameters: approved by the Chamber of Commerce of Bari.

Minimum preservation period
Best before 18 months from the date of packaging.

Obtained exclusively from olives of Italian origin, cultivated according to the dictates of organic agriculture and harvested at the right time of ripeness.
The extraction is done by a cold working mechanical process, or at a temperature less than 27° to avoid altering the organoleptic characteristics.
The original Italian olive varieties prevail, especially in the province of Bari and Salento.

Generally it can be used to flavour various dishes, in particular:
Uncooked: enriches the taste of red meat, roasts and vegetable soups. It can be used to enhance the flavour of bruschetta.
In cooking: Is suitable for the preparation of braised and meat sauce.
Note: especially suitable for feeding children since it is obtained without the use of phytosanitary safeguards not covered by Reg. EC 834/07 and 889/08.

In order to ensure the quality and/or trademark protection, RYL natural Power, “Italian delicacy selections”, reserves the right to schedule inspections, even with short notice, in order to check the work of the supplier of raw and auxiliary materials and the customer in local production areas dedicated to the material storage or finished products.

Supply Chain and Product Certification – ISO Standard 22005
Quality, Health and Safety Certification – Standard BRC/IFS-ISA
100% Italian – Reg. EC 182/09
Organic Farming Product Certification – Reg. EC 834/07 and 889/08
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Product sheet
Revision 01 of 20/11/2013

Italian extra virgin olive oil from Organic Farming in glass bottles of 0.50 litres

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